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Meet the Maker - Be Kind Incense

Meet the Maker - Be Kind Incense

Meet Kylie and Mark, the duo behind ‘Be Kind’ incense. We were curious to learn more about the sacred practices and passion that goes into their brand.
Meet Kylie and Mark, the duo behind ‘Be Kind’ incense. They’re on a mission to promote healthy well-being and a positive mindset with ethically sourced ingredients in each hand-crafted stick of incense. We were curious to learn more about the sacred practices and passion that goes into their brand.

Hi Kylie and Mark, tell us how it all started?

We were best friends for years, we had a deep connection and thankfully it developed into something much more. ‘Be Kind’ has been a brainchild of our love of all things positive in life and a way to express our creativity, spiritual and positive outlook on life, while reminding ourselves of being kind to our own selves and to others.

We simply had to do it - we developed an obsession with hand rolled incense, its meanings, its intentions and its rich history. We started at the beginning and followed our intuition, and allowed the process to unfold. We developed a strong connection with makers in India first, then we put all our energy into our brand concept and product design. Our brand concept also pays tribute to the sacred sites of Wicklow where we seek refuge and clarity.

Behind the scenes, there’s lots of packing boxes, designing content, and connecting and engaging with all the wonderful people who have given us such amazing feedback.

What does ‘Be Kind’ incense represent to you?

It’s a reminder to embrace self love and to honour your space and time. Whether it be meditating, relaxing, yoga or a ritual, this incense is for you in those moments, to create present moment awareness in your own sacred space. They are for special occasions and to be shared and enjoyed but more importantly they are a great act of self love for quality and nourishing alone time.

We’ve been told that ‘Be Kind’ is so much more than just beautiful fragrances, they are in fact medicine. They have found their way into many sacred spaces and events being held all over the country and worldwide, such as retreats, cacao ceremonies, yoga studios, therapy rooms, healers rooms and at many other celebrations.


How is your incense crafted? 

Each part of the ingredients are hand harvested and prepared for rolling. Every element is done by hand using only natural ingredients, no chemicals are used. The batches are rare in supply as only so much can be made at one time. A portion of each batch is donated to the Temples in India and they have been doing this for over 200 years.

What’s your favourite ingredient and why?

Frankincense, it calms the mind and helps with anxiety or stress.

How do you find your creative inspiration?

By staying still and observing the energy of the here and now, and allowing it to unfold. When we’re not working, we like to have fun and escape to the outdoors as often as we can - swimming, hiking and overdosing on coffee. We’re conscious of taking time out to nourish ourselves.

How would you describe ‘Be Kind’ in 3 words?

Uplifting, Serenity, Peace

Do you have a favourite product from your collection?

Oud Noir, it is very special and so unique. Oud is the resin that is extracted from the agarwood tree and can differ each batch making it very interesting.

What have been your business highlights so far? 

We’re super grateful for the incredible achievements in a very short space of time. Meeting and connecting to so many beautiful people who have changed from corporate culture and are now following their passion and chasing their wellbeing over chasing money. Seeing people bring their dreams to life and being part of that sacred space!

One highlight has been receiving orders from over the world as far as Canada, USA & Australia! And being featured in Image Interiors magazine to our surprise. 

What’s new at ‘Be Kind’?

We introduced a new range of incense to our collection called ‘Ireland’s Way’ with six new fragrances including Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Champa. We are super thrilled to announce we will also be exhibiting at this year’s Wellfest from May 11-12. 

Any advice for other makers who are just starting out? 

Trust the process and believe in yourself. Every stumbling block is a lesson, allow yourself to learn from it.

Quickfire Questions

  • Describe your work in three words?  Exciting, tough, rewarding
  • Mountains or sea? Sea - we can only live by the coast 🌊
  • Favourite place in Ireland? Maghermore Beach 🏖️
  • Where is your happy place? Wicklow Mountains ⛰️
  • What are you reading? ‘Love's Executioner’ by Irvin D. Yalom 📚
  • Night owl or early bird? Mark’s a Night Owl 🦉 , Kylies an early bird! 🐦
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